Palvi Hospital

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Intensive Care Unit An intensive care unit (ICU) is a specialized department in a hospital that provides intensive-care medicine. Hospitals also have designated intensive care areas for certain specialties of medicine, depending on the needs and resources of the hospital. We have three beded intesive care unit to handle medical and surgical emmergencies. We provide various advanced equipment in an ICU which includes mechanical ventilation to assist breathing through an endotracheal tube or a tracheotomy; cardiac monitors including those with defibrillators; equipment for the constant monitoring of bodily functions; a web of intravenous lines, feeding tubes, nasogastric tubes, suction pumps, drains and catheters; and a wide array of drugs to treat the primary condition(s) of hospitalization. Medically induced comas, analgesics, and induced sedation are common ICU tools designed to reduce pain and prevent secondary infections. We at palvi hospital try to provide best service . We maintain a ratio of 2 patients to 1 nurse which is recommended for a medical ICU. Our medical staff includes intensivists with training in internal medicine, surgery, anesthesia, or emergency medicine. Many nurse practitioners and physician assistants with specialized training are also part of the staff that provide continuity of care for patients.